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Why Learning Games are Important

There are countless flash games online and board games in closets across the globe, which exist for no reason other than to entertain and soak up time. The epitome of killing time is pulling out a deck of cards and some clay poker chips to make the hours pass without notice. Itís at the level of being an idiom. Itís nice to spend time our family while trying to figure out which fictional murder took the life of their dinner host, but what do you really get out of these nights?

If you are going to play a game with your children, it is important that you work some form of learning into the mix. The most obvious option is to play the word games that encourage the learning of new vocabulary and an expansion of the childís knowledge of the English language. This will serve them well for years to come in ways that being able to mindless games will never offer them.

If you must play a card game like poker, I would suggest playing a game that encourages strong math skills and requires fast problem solving skills. Offer Paulson poker chips as credits that can then be turned in for rewards after your child has collected enough of them. This will act as incentive to improve their skills so that they can earn that new toy or a day free of chores and it tricks them into learning to compute math problem quickly and in their heads.

Never forget to keep sharpening the edge f your own mental knife. I play word games on a regular basis to keep my mind sharp and keep my vocabulary in an ever expanding state. This is encouraged by the fact that my living is based on my understanding of the English language, but itís something I encourage for all adults and children; especially those who are ESL and are still learning the languge.

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