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We hope you will enjoy your stay at the web site! On the main page, you will get a random Word Search, along with links to different flash games based on words. Please use the menu if you want to choose your own word search. Click "new" to start the game. We will in the coming weeks add more exciting word stuff to the web site so keep visiting the web site!

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Save the Monkey!
Quickly! Our monkey friend needs your help! He got himself into trouble and the only way to save him is to find the hidden words.
Play Save the Monkey

Play HangmanPlay Hangman on!
Now you can play the famous word game, Hangman, here on Check it out, and we can guarantee you hours of fun!
Click here to play Hangman
Play Word SearchPlay Word Search on!
Do you like to find words amongs tons of letters, then Word Search is the game for you!
Click here to play Word Search

Latest Word Search: Norwegian Cities

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